Srikanth Reddy Events: March 7-8, 2013

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The FELIX Series of New Writing and the Contemporary Literature Colloquium (CLC) of UW-Madison present two events featuring visiting poet and scholar Srikanth Reddy. All events are free and open to the public.

A Reading by Srikanth Reddy
Thursday, March 7, 7:00 pm
7101 Helen C. White Hall
Department of English, University of Wisconsin-Madison
600 N. Park Street

Thinking Transnationally as Poet and Scholar:
A Conversation on Research and Practice with Srikanth Reddy
Friday, March 8, 12:00 pm
7101 Helen C. White Hall
Department of English, University of Wisconsin-Madison
600 N. Park Street

Less formal and more flexible than a conventional academic talk, this conversation is an ideal opportunity to learn more about Reddy’s poetry and scholarship and to ask your questions about it, including such topics as transnationalism as a critical framework, its relationship to genre, what John Ashbery has to do with Walt Whitman, collaborative writing practices, pedagogy inside and outside the writing classroom, and more (e.g. how do i enroll in your class on The Cinematic Lyric?). The conversation will begin with comments from Reddy in which he will briefly discuss his new work-in-progress, “Underworld Lit,” within a transnational context.

Srikanth Reddy is the author of two books of poetry–Facts for Visitors (2004) and Voyager (2011)–both published by the University of California Press, and a book-length literary collaboration with the poet Dan Beachy-Quick, titled Conversities (1913 Press, 2011).  Reddy’s critical study, Changing Subjects: Digressions in Modern American Poetry, was published by Oxford University Press in 2011 as well.  He has received fellowships from the Wisconsin Institute for Creative Writing, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Creative Capital Foundation, among others.  A graduate of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and the doctoral program in English at Harvard University, Reddy is currently an assistant professor at the University of Chicago.


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